December 20, 2016

Notice of Motion

At the upcoming WCDGS business meeting, the WCDGS Executive will be seeking a motion(s) to amend the WCDGS constitution, effective February 1st of 2017, such that: 1) the Vice-President does not necessarily succeed the President of the WCDGS once the President’s term is ended (thereby no longer obligating any incoming Vice-President to a 4-year total commitment); 2) the role of Past President is formalized; and 3) the Past President will normally assume responsibility for managing the nomination process for any WCDGS executive vacancies.

These motions are being sought following discussions at the 2016 CAGS western regional meeting, and on the understanding that the current constitution will govern the executive election process at the 2017 annual WCDGS business meeting on January 20th, 2017.


March 23, 2012

WCDGS Email Lists

The WCDGS email lists are moving to Simon Fraser University and will be maintained by the Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies, SFu. Requests for changes and updates to the email lists should be forwarded directly to

December 20, 2011

Notice of Motion:

The WCDGS Executive has encountered some difficulty over the past year, arising from the WCDGS Constitution's stipulation that the officers of the executive are elected to their positions at the January/February meeting of the WCDGS, yet with terms not officially beginning until the following November.  Thus, at the upcoming WCDGS meeting, the WCDGS Executive will be seeking a motion to amend the constitution, such that officers of the executive begin their terms immediately following the meeting at which they were elected.

November 24, 2011

Notice of Motion:

At the 2011 meeting of CAGS, the Western Canadian Deans discussed the current financial situation of the WCDGS, and the potential need to increase the annual institutional fee from $250 to $500.  Thus, the WCDGS executive will be looking for a motion, to be made at the 2012 WCDGS meeting, to increase the annual institutional fee, and to amend the WCDGS constitution accordingly.